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Sparkly Affiliate Vs Expertnaire:
15 Comparison Points You Need To know
March 15, 2022
Ishaq Tijjani Usman

Introduction To Sparkly Affiliate vs Expertnaire

Before we compare Sparkly Affiliate with Expertnaire, the benefit of launching an online company as an affiliate marketer or in affiliate marketing is advertising solution products and services that you did not build on your own.

When a prospect purchases a product or service, the support and any other issues that need to be resolved are transferred to the product’s provider, relieving you of the burden.

Today, we will compare two major affiliate websites for Nigerians that provide side hustlers with options that they did not have a few years ago, such as Clickbank and others. Sparkly Affiliate and Expertnaire are the two companies I am referring to.

While Expertnaire caters mostly to Nigerians and a few West African nations, Sparkly Affiliate caters to an international audience.

As a result, in this blog post, we will assess these platforms from the standpoint of affiliates, and I will compare them side by side so you can simply pick which affiliate website to use. Let’s get this party started.

Sparkly Affiliate Vs Expertnaire Review

Sparkly Affiliate vs Expertnaire Offers to Affiliate Marketers

The fastest and easiest way to launch your online business or earn extra income is through Affiliate Marketing.

Sparkly Affiliate allows users to:

Learn Affiliate marketing through group chats and video courses.

Learn how to market on social media through courses.

Organize conference meetings using Zoom on the community.

Users can submit their own blog posts with affiliate links; and

To help other users succeed on the community and are rewarded while doing so.

Expertnaire provides you with the enticing possibility to:

promote high-ticket items and make six figures.

discover how to excel as an affiliate marketer in Nigeria.

grin to the bank every Friday; and

achieve financial freedom.

Is Sparkly Affiliate The Best Alternative to Expertnanire?

Yes, Sparkly Affiliate is the ideal alternative and choice for Nigerian affiliates who do not want to work with Expertnaire, and in the same vein, Expertnaire is the best alternative Sparkly Affiliate without the need to change IP addresses or utilize VPN.

With our head-to-head comparison, things are getting interesting. Let’s have a look at them.

Sparkly Affiliate vs Expertnaire: What is the difference?

The distinction between Sparkly Affiliate and Expertnaire is that Sparkly Affiliate triples as an online marketing school where affiliate marketers may take free courses, an affiliate community network, and a social learning platform to assist others to achieve, whereas Expertnaire just serves as an affiliate platform.

Despite the fact that Sparkly Affiliate does not have as much digital content as Expertnaire, affiliates are typically rewarded in cash. Every 30 days, a payout is normally paid.

Expertnaire, on the other hand, is more popular, includes top digital items from well-known merchants, and payments are made automatically on Fridays.

Sparkly Affiliate vs Expertnaire: What are they?

Affiliate websites such as Sparkly Affiliate and Expertnaire pay affiliates a commission to advertise digital items.

Sparkly Affiliate on the other hand, provides more like an online school where students may sign up and acquire digital skills.

Sparkly Affiliate provides both free and paid courses, however, at the time of writing, only free courses are available.

Overall, Sparkly Affiliate is like forums and communities with courses as an added bonus, while Expertnaire is similar to Clickbank.

There are five methods to make money on Sparkly Affiliate:

Direct Referral
Commission Bonus
Recurring Commission
Product Referrals
Reputation bonus

Expertnaire offers three methods to make money:

As a course seller
Through an affiliate referral scheme, and
Through course sales

Sparkly Affiliate Website

Expertnaire Website

Registration And Signup Requirement on Sparkly Affiliate and Expertnaire

In comparison to Expertnanire membership, Sparkly Affiliate offers both free and paid enrollment levels. To promote items on the Expertnaire and platform, you must first become a paying member.

Both affiliate networks do not discriminate based on age when it comes to the freedom to establish accounts. That is, if you make sales, you may start at any age and make money.

There are two ways to join Expertnaire: as a regular member or as a pro member.

You may sign up as a free member, a Silver Member, or a Gold Member on Sparkly Affiliate.

Sparkly Affiliate vs Expertnaire: Demographics for users

Sparkly Affiliate is an affiliate community website that accepts individuals from all around the world. Expertnaire, on the other hand, is primarily an affiliate site for Nigerians and about 5 other African nations, whereas

Winner: Sparkly Affiliate

Sparkly Affiliate vs Expertnaire Products And Courses

Sparkly Affiliate now offers roughly 13 free social media courses, compared to Expertnaire, which offers a wide choice of digital goods, more than 60 as of the time of writing.

Even though both platforms are continually releasing new digital content, Expertnaire remains the obvious victor in this category.

Expertnaire also includes more high-quality items in popular areas, as well as free swipe files for affiliates to advertise the products.

Winner: Expertnaire

Sparkly Affiliate vs Expertnaire: Method of payments

Expertnaire provides just one payment option, which is in Naira, and they pay affiliates automatically on Fridays, whereas Sparkly Affiliate sends out payments via PayPal, Stripe, and Paystack. Payment is given after 30 days, as of the time of writing.

Winner: Based On Choice

Sparkly Affiliate Vs Expertnaire: Customer Support Channel

Sparkly Affiliate provides customer service through live chat, WhatsApp chat for premium customers, and email. Expertnaire provides customer help via WhatsApp, Telegram, and Email, as well as Facebook support for pro members.

Winner: Expertnaire

Sparkly Affiliate vs Expertnaire: Communities
Sparkly Affiliate provides all users with both free and paid group, forum, and chat options. However, Expertnaire provides a diverse set of affiliate communities. However, while regular users have access to only the Telegram community, pro members have access to special help on the Facebook group as well as advanced materials.

Winner: Sparkly Affiliate

How does Sparkly Affiliate and Expertnaire Work?
Sparkly Affiliate brings in other successful affiliate marketers to train new or struggling affiliate marketers via social learning or zoom meetings,

You propose a product or a course on Expertnaire, such as the popular (72IG) 72-hour income generating program, which allows you to make 50% commission and the product costs only N60,000. You can get it from this link https://tinyurl.com/mry8j64t

While Sparkly Affiliate works by you referring another user to sign up for any of the paying plans, you earn up to 60% commission when they sign up and continue to earn from them when they renew their subscription.

Winner: Based on Preference

Sparkly Affiliate Vs Expertnaire: Affiliate Referral Program

Sparkly Affiliate’s referral program gives up to 60% commission.

Expertnaire pays a 30% commission in their affiliate referral scheme when you connect new affiliates to the site.

Winner: Sparkly Affiliate

Sparkly Affiliate Vs Expertnaire Affiliate Training Program

Both platforms include affiliate training programs for anyone who wants to make money online or for new affiliates who don’t know how to market affiliate programs.

It’s referred to as the “72IG implementation program” on Expertnaire. It is referred to as “5 Multi-Streams of Income” on Sparkly Affiliate.

While both programs attempt to educate students to make seven figures through affiliate marketing, the 72IG training program is more thorough, with multiple platforms marketing and a wealth of materials, as well as free swipe files/templates. Sparkly Affiliate, on the other hand, is designed to provide various streams of revenue that operate on autopilot once engaged.

Winner: Based on Preference

Who Owns Sparkly Affiliate and Expertnaire

Expertnaire is owned by Toyin Omotoso while Sparkly affiliate is owned by Austin Eneanya

There is no right or wrong answer as to which platform you should choose. If you are looking for a community where you can learn from selected free resources then Sparkly Affiliate is your choice.

But if you are looking for affiliate robust marketing training then Expertnaire is for you.

Although, there is no law that says you can’t join both platforms and enjoy the benefits from the platforms. It all boils down to what you are looking for.

I hope this article was helpful.

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