Expertnaire’s 72IG – What it is… and not

The 72IG WhatsApp Income Generator Programme from Expertnaire by Toyin Omotoso

I want to share with you about a product called 72IG WhatsApp Income Generator Programme created.

It was created by Toyin Omotoso, the founder of Expertnaire – an affiliate platform where you can find a number of digital products you can use, recommend to some other people and gain commission. 

These digital products include videos, audios, ebooks, courses, modules of trainings that vendors create.  All you need to do is to recommend them to a population of people who need them, thereby adding value to them and being helpful by providing to them something they need at the right time.  It helps you to easily start an online business and earn crazy income.

What You Are Getting:

You are getting the 72IG WhatsApp Income Generator

A complete step by step training that takes you by the hand and walk you through what to do to go from zero to N750k a month or more using a combination of WhatsApp and Expertnaire. (Value – N750,000)

You are getting version 2.0 of the 72IG Implementation Program which teaches you how the big boys sell products online using a combination of email marketing and PPC (pay per click) traffic and takes your digital marketing skills to a new level. (Value – N800,000)

You are getting a done for you WhatsApp Income campaign for hot selling products on Expertnaire to help you start making money as fast as possible. (Value – N150,000)

You are getting a 1 year FREE affiliate Expertnaire account which is normally N10k a year. (Value – N10,000)

You are getting Toyin Omotoso’s Twitter Money Blueprint which gives you tons of free organic traffic to your WhatsApp. (Value – N25,000)

You are getting a whooping 50% Commission per sale when you refer someone to buy the 72IG WhatsApp Income Generator via Expertnaire. (Value – N30,000)

And you will also be getting access to a 3-hour weekly online support class where we will also be helping you tackle any of the challenges you might have.

For this 72IG program, you will be able to create an online business that can make you N750k a month. The 72IG helps you to make N750k  a month by training you on how to market affiliate products online via emails, social media.  What makes the 72IG different?

Although there are various affiliate programmes online that promise this same thing like JVZOO, Sparkly Affiliate, Amazon, Jumia and Konga, the 72IG from Expertnaire has a far better mouth watering commission ranging from 10% to 50%. And payment is made every Friday.

Why should you buy the 72IG?

For  the 72IG:
There are loads of testimonials.

Support for students is awesome.

Then the training itself is first-class and also step by step.

If you own a system that can generate N400k within a month, what will you do? The link below will take you to the 72IG NO-FAIL income generating system

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