Understanding affiliate marketing programme

By Ishaq Tijjani Usman

Affiliate marketing is a business programme that a product owner pays a commission to an affiliate who sends customers or traffic to the product using a unique affiliate link.

Most affiliate marketing programs provide the opportunity to promote multiple products, and always requires an affiliate to subscribe or create an account so that a referral link can be generated for the person to use.

Affiliate programme is almost like a broker system whereby the programme or product owner pays a commission to the person who referred a customer to the product on promotion.

Types of affiliate commission programme. There are two major types of affiliate programmes. This is key for you to understand as you decide to join any affiliate programme. You need to take note of the following.

High ticket affiliate programme. These are programmes that provide a high commission percentage of the product that has been promoted and sold, some can offer up to 50% or even 100% commission value. These are better affiliate programmes that when you have the opportunity you may need to target them. Also, they are programmes that include training.

Low ticket affiliate programme. These are programmes that offer lower commission value of the product that is been promoted. In case you are promoting such programmes, you may need to promote multiple products to earn a passive income. When promoting such programmes, target the ones with recurrent commissions.

Categories of affiliate commission All affiliate marketing programme can be grouped into two subsets. Although there are different ways of calling such groups.

The following are the key subsets.

One time-off commission.

This is a type of commission in which the product is normally sold once, and the person may not need to buy it again over time. There are many companies or groups that provide one-off payment when the product is sold out to the customer. Although this is worth considering itโ€™s not the best, because in this category when the buyer buys the item once that is the end, unless another buyer accesses the item through your link.

Recurrent commission.

This is a type of commission that the product you promoted may require monthly or annual renewal or subscription. This is the best type of an affiliate marketing program. In this commission once the buyer has bought the product successful and continue with the subscription renewal the owner of the referral link will continue to earn the prescribed commission percentage. This is the best type of affiliate marketing commission.

Common affiliate marketing programmes There are many programmes that provide opportunity for an affiliate program and most of this requires you to create an account which is normally free.

Some of the programmes include Amazon, Expertnaire, Ebay, Digstore24, Warriorplus, JVZoo. Aweber, Hubspot. You can search and read to find out more about the affiliate programs and the type of products they have for you to promote. You can also consider to check out this.

Seven Key Factors to consider in choosing an affiliate marketing programme.

1. You need to know the interest of your customers. What are the things people are looking for and want to buy online.

2. What type of products people like most? As there are many products you need to do careful research and analysis.

3. The traffic source that you will use to promote the product. For example are you using WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and/or other social platforms?

4. Search for the best affiliate offers, mostly target recurrent commission and high ticket commission offers.

5. Consider affiliate programmes with offers that you are passionate about for example if what you are interested in is video games or soccer. Your passion contributes a lot for you to promote the product and will be able to explain to the customers.

6. Commitment. You need to be committed and it may take you a longer period to start earning a commission.

7. You need to build trust of your consumers and it may take you a longer period to start earning a commission.

How do the affiliate earn commission? The affiliate can earn commission after convincing a customer to buy the items, after the successful purchase by the customer, a commission is generated and is normally based on the prescribed percentage and may be subject to the terms and conditions on the affiliate platform.

The key to earning commission is ensuring that you have enough traffic sources. When you use to attract traffic to the product you are promoting, then those who pick interest on the product may turn into potential buyers from your link. That is key to ensuring that the company or pogrammes pay you the allocated commission percentage.

There are many adverts on social media that may require you to pay for your promotion links, most of the ads may not be helpful if you are still starting. You need to be careful as some of them you end up paying and may not earn any thing. Conclusion There are many affiliate marketing programmes or groups or platforms that are available online. You can check on the link below https://tinyurl.com/mry8j64t

You need to decide carefully and make proper background check and reading. The best to consider are the high commission ticket with recurrent program that can be either monthly or annual purchase. However, one can still consider the low ticket as well and with recurrent commission.

You also need to take into consideration the terms and conditions that may be required for the commission you earn to be paid successful. During the signup or creation of an account, you need to read the terms first and make sure you understand before signing up or creating your account with the company that you might have chosen. Though affiliate marketing is a good way of having a passive income, for one to have a consistent income, there is need to promote multiple products and join many programmes.

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