My 72IG Journey


My name is Ishaq Tijjani Usman. I am a Lecturer with the Federal Polytechnic Nasarawa. I am a clinical psychologist. I am an affiliate marketer with Expertnaire since 2021.

My story on how I encountered the product I want to train you about.

One night, towards the end of 2021, I booked a room in a Hotel in Gwarimpa Abuja after a failed transaction, when I came from Nasarawa (my hometown) to Kubwa to sell one of my old vintage BMW. I spent a lot on the E36 V6 that consumes a lot of fuel, plus the Air flow meter problem it had. And at the spot where we were testing the car, the alternator failed. I had to leave the car at Kubwa and get back to Gwarimpa to meet my former classmate whom I earlier called to get me a place at his place to spend the night.

At about 10 pm, after the failed transaction as a result of people who priced the car lower than its value, I called my friend who resides in Gwarimpa to assist and spare me a place to stay for the night.

He directed me to call him when I am at Bakan Gizo (Gwarimpa). On reaching there around 11pm, I called him several times (at least 20 times) and his phone was not going through.

I stood at the frontage of Bakan Gizo for close to two hours, calling… calling… But to no avail.

I had to go into Bakan Gizo and order food for the night.

As I came out, I boarded a Keke to help me scout for a cheap hotel (you can imagine how much a cheap hotel will cost in a place like Gwarimpa).

This is after I have trekked some 4 kilometers to search for two affordable hotels, but could not get any as the first one was booked without a single room vacant.

And the second one adjacent to the above had me returned from the gate as the guard told me “oga dem don book all the rooms here oh”. I was stranded.

But being the footballer that I was, trekking is one of my hobbies, because I will burn some calories by trekking.

So with the Keke man, we scouted for about 30-45 minutes, and the Keke had to meet a deadline and go past a point where if police gets hold of him, he will have to pay some serious fine. We passed that point.

We checked the first hotel – the least price was N22,000. Next one was 18k. Another one was 17k. Then we found the one I settled for which was 12k/night.

I had no option so I paid for the night frowning, having cut my hands at the entrance by the aluminum door! My finger was bleeding.

I am a person who is fond of going to the restroom with my phone. So in the hotel’s toilet I went to YouTube to search for ways to make money online in Nigeria .

So I saw a 33 minutes video by one Courage Ngele who talked extensively about Expertnaire. I saw how genuine it was. I immediately followed him on YouTube and turn on notifications for his videos, searched for him on tik-tok, Facebook and Instagram.

So from then I developed interest in expertnaire and understood that there were two ways in which you can join:

You can either register with 10k or buy a product – 72IG worth 50k then.

So, I immediately became interested in the 72IG but like most people, I didn’t have the money by then but I had a little over 10k. So I said to myself it wouldn’t hurt if I start with the 10k to be able to access the Expertnaire marketplace. That later I would buy the 72IG.

So I registered and lo and behold I saw what I have never seen before – a list of the so-called digital products – WhatsApp Blueprint, travel matters, weight reduction packages, online money making trainings and other digital products numbering about 60 or so to choose from.

So I went back to YouTube to get information on how to navigate Expertnaire. I got some videos that helped me. I copied my links from different digital products and started sharing on my whatsapp status, Facebook, tiktok, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram expecting someone to click on them and buy, so that I can earn some income. Guess what.

No single sale came! Chai!

Funny, I’ll check my dashboard, starting with peeping with one eye to see if I had  recorded any sale.


What was I doing wrong?! I said to myself, although neither regretting nor relenting.

By January 2022, I took the most important bold  step in my life – bought the 72IG at 60k totalling 70k if you add the 10k I earlier registered with.

I received an email from Expertnaire that I had bought the 72IG, and here is a link to access it.

Ghen! Ghen!!

I felt very happy.

When I accessed the 72IG, I began to see a set of videos, pdfs, documents, zip files, music files.

I said to myself, this thing na serious matter.

I started watching the videos and jotting down points to implement.

At any point I get stuck or confused, I return to the training to get things straight.

That was how I discovered myself with the 72IG.

Now enough of me. What about you. Can you do it?

I’ll answer yes and no.

Yes, because if you put effort and learn the contents of the 72IG.

No, if you are the Lazy type who cannot read, act according to the training guide in the 72IG.

Toyin Omotoso founded Expertnaire. If you hear his story, you’ll be confident that you too can become a successful affiliate.

The honest truth is that for you to be an affiliate marketer, you must be ready to read books. Don’t fret here. These books, once you start reading them, will leave you asking for more. This is because they are interesting and they are not just tales, but stories of the authors and how they discover the wealth creation sources they are authoring the book about.

Here is the link to access the 72IG WhatsApp Income Generator Programme

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