Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

You might have heard this term before.

That is because affiliate marketing is an industry valued at over $300 US Billion

Affiliate marketing is an income model where you make money by selling someone else’s product for a commission.

Basically, you get a link that recognizes you brought the visitor and when they buy, you get a cut which can be anything from 5% to as high as 90%.

It is a really effective way for complete newbies to make good money online.

The main thing is to get sales for the product you are promoting and you get paid a commission for it.

Let me quickly tell you how I used this to make N15,000 recently.

What I did was to go to an affiliate platform known as

Maybe you have heard that name before.

It has been around since 2018.

So, I picked a product on 72IG WhatsApp Income generator programme, grabbed my affiliate link for that product, and went ahead to post the affiliate link on my whatsapp status.

3 days later, I checked my emails and I saw an email from Expertnaire.

The email congratulated me that I had just made N15,000 commission from selling that product.

The email I got is below this write up.

This is exactly what is meant by getting paid a commission per product sale.

Here, I got paid 25% (which is N15,000) for selling this product.

There are many people making as much as N100k a week with this model by posting their affiliate links on their Whatsapp status, FB pages, Instagram pages etc

And you can even take it a step further by running paid adverts.

Anyway, If you are interested in this business model, you can get started simply by going to and sign up as an affiliate.

This link takes you to the page where you can access the 72IG WhatsApp Income Generator in the link provided.

ABOUT EXPERTNAIRE – Expertnaire or affiliate marketing is not a secret society where people join first before they know the truth about it.

Aspiring affiliates, let me break it down for you.

This write up is quite long but you’ll be happy if you read till the end.

First of all, I will always remind you that the work load no be beans

If you are admiring top affiliates like Caleb, Toyin, Courage Ngele and Jackto’s accounts and other huge affiliate payouts that you see on social media, I want to tell you that they are results of sleepless nights, they work day and night to come out with what you admire.

If you want to gain such, also admire the work behind the gain.

Affiliate marketing is no child’s play neither a get-rich quick scheme, nor a ponzi scheme. You work/sell, you earn.

It is a business that if you know you’re strong, you can do it. If you know you’re the weak type, you cannot do it.

If you know that you’re not allergic to studies and learning and you’re smart, you can do it.

A new student had everything explained to him before he paid and got the registration and the training course.

He recently said “Work dey this affiliate marketing. This thing no be for lazy people”

But he is fully prepared for it because he knew what is involved, had enough conversation with him before he registered.

If you’re fully ready and have all the attributes mentioned, listen to the breakdown of it.

Registration on expertnaire to automatically become an affiliate is N10,000 (10k).

No training comes with 10k registration.

There are three options involved, in order to get the perfect training so that you can start setting up your foundations right and also know to make sales;

Expertnaire can help you with the first two options:

-First option:

Buy 72IG course which costs 60k, and enjoy the free bonuses that come with it which is “free affiliate registration on Expertnaire”;

That means instead of paying 60k + 10k initial registration on expertnaire totalling 70k, you will now be paying 60k only;

This first option is rich because it does not only train you to be a perpetual affiliate marketer;

It has other benefits that come with it which can help you build your own brand and business and can help you successfully sell anything easily, especially if you have a personal product or services you want to sell.

Or you can develop those accompanying trainings that come with it, and use it as a skill to provide services to people and make money in return.

That means you’re not going to be limited to affiliate marketing, anybody who is selling anything can use that course to make it possible.

Those special features which you will learn are:


Content creation

Graphics designing

Whatsapp marketing

How to run Facebook ads to generate leads and traffics

Twitter Sales Blueprint

Sales Funnel Building

How to create a single webpage

Website designing

Email marketing

How to create an Opt-In/landing pages

How to position yourself for sales

-The second option:

Buy the S.E.D.P Affiliate Marketing Workshop Course which will help you to successfully succeed in affiliate marketing.

It costs 15k + the initial 10k for registration on expertnaire, everything will be a total of 25k.

-Third option:

Register with 10k, become an affiliate automatically and then go to YouTube or Google to source your information on how to make sales

But please, if you choose the third option, do not ever come on social media to tarnish the name of the platform because you cannot make sales.

You cannot refuse to get training materials and at the same time talking against the platform because of your choice.

The choice is now yours, you know the weight of your pocket and what you want.

Another reminder

Expertnaire Affiliate Platform is not the same with Jumia or Konga Affiliate Platforms.

You know why? I will tell you.

Expertnaire does not sell physical products, it deals with “knowledge-based digital products only”. They come in form of courses made to be in videos, pdf’s, templates, audios and ebooks, with a step by step guide on every course you purchase.

If you have in mind to come and start selling “shoes, slippers, cream, and different wares”, please Expertnaire platform is not for you.

It is Jumia or Konga that deals with sales of physical products, they’re both E-commerce platforms unlike Expertnaire.

You should be reminded again that affiliate marketing is not for everyone but for those who are ready to take up the challenge and never relent. There is much work behind the huge commissions.

If you cannot do affiliate marketing, expertnaire has other courses you can purchase, study the course and build it up professionally, which can give you financial balance depending on your area of interest such as:

-E-commerce/Mini Importation (China)
-E-commerce/Mini Importation Complete Master Class
-Virtual Assistance
-Email Copywriting
-WhatsApp Marketing
-Amazon Book Publishing
-Facebook Ad System
-Web Designing
-Real Estate Monopoly Marketing
-Crypto Currency Wealth Builders
-CPA Intro
-CPA Mastery
-Sports Betting Affiliate Commission Machine
-Seminar Income Blueprint
-YouTube Profit Blueprint
-WhatsApp Instant Marketing
-Skyrocket With Facebook Course
-Information Business Machine
-Foreign Copywriting Initiative
-7 Figure Export Business Coaching Program
-Freelance Master Class
-US Importation Master Class
-Virtual Personal Coaching
-Blog Cash University (blogging course)
-Pattern Making With Ease Course For Fashion Designers

These are the few I can list. All these courses including affiliate marketing are high income knowledge-based digital courses that can pioneer you into financial freedom.

Remember, when you fill your head (brains) with the right knowledge, your head will in turn fill your pockets.

Therefore, you know yourself and what you can do, I will always be available to give you the necessary guidelines.

All the details of how you can always contact me can be found on the pinned post in my personal profile.,